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Tour curated by: Story Tour Team | 5 Locations

The Great Depression shaped America's landscapes, both in terms of their physical and human dimensions.

Tour curated by: Mark Tebeau & The Story Tour Team | 4 Locations

The canals that run throughout the Valley are perhaps the most visible reminders of the complex interactions between human settlement and the environment of the Sonoran Desert. A complex irrigation system conceived and dug by people between the…

Tour curated by: Story Tour Team | 4 Locations

During the 1950s, the resurgent national economy enabled more Americans to travel in search of recreation and leisure. The Salt River Valley's inviting weather, unique landscapes,and rapidly expanding variety of cultural commodities made it a…

Tour curated by: Tempe Preservation Foundation, Thomas Black, Holly Solis | 13 Locations

The Mill Avenue historic district reveals stories of the economic and social development of Tempe, including its formation around Hayden's Ferry. The commercial district connects us to the shifting terrains of agriculture, commercial…

Tour curated by: Stephen G. Williams | 11 Locations

Since the first group of Mormon Pioneers arrived in fifteen wagons in 1877 to found the city of Mesa, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) have worked to build and strengthen their community. Over the years Mesa has…

Tour curated by: Connor Hillmann | 7 Locations

The Cactus league spans more than eighty years and two states, although it is now centered in central Arizona. The Cactus League is one of two spring training leagues operated by Major League Baseball. The locations included in this tour explore…

Tour curated by: Heather Roehl | 8 Locations

This tour consists of well known locations known throughout the Salt River Valley, Jewish community. There are two well known department stores that were part of downtown Phoenix and the owners were prominent members of the Jewish community. The…

Tour curated by: Shannon Maki | 8 Locations

This tour looks at locations on and around the Tempe Town Lake that have been in the past or are currently vital to the development of the Tempe Town Lake area.

Tour curated by: Aidan Solsten | 6 Locations

Old Town Scottsdale is famous for its fine cuisine and late night entertainment. This area offers much to choose from, so there's something for everyone. The tough competition can make it difficult to remain in business.

Tour curated by: The Salt River Stories Team | 8 Locations

Journey along the Light Rail, from Mesa to Phoenix and back. Stop and explore the history panels at various stations. Stop and shop at a local store or restaurant. Follow the valley's and Arizona's history as you ride.

Tour curated by: Tempe History Museum + ASU Student Team (Spring 2017) | 17 Locations

Apache Boulevard was once the gateway to Tempe for travelers heading west along U.S. Routes 60, 70, 80, and 89, also known locally as the Tempe-Mesa Highway. For more than thirty years, this commercial district served tourists and residents alike.…

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